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"The best hairlines in the business"



(RuPaul's Drag Race)


Welcome to my website

and thank you for stopping by!


My name is Maurice Neuhaus and I have been a wig maker since 2002. Apart from building custom wigs and hairpieces for many private clients and celebrities, I have also been the wig supervisor for the dancers of pop star SIA since 2016. (All SIA wigs built by Tonya Brewer).


I take pride in giving my clients my undivided attention. I only work on one wig at a time, and every wig is made by me in its entirety.

I prefer to do everything myself and not have an assistant so that I can bring a wig to life, exactly how I intended it.

I love staying in communication with my clients directly throughout the process, so no detail gets lost in translation. I love my clients and I have been blessed with a very loyal clientele.

Every wig or hairpiece is a new adventure for me; one where I, each time, get to figure out the best way to build this particular piece, and how I can make it the best piece I ever built. 


For more information please browse through my website.

For pricing and to schedule a consultation, please email me.


I look forward to talking with you :-)



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