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1. I begin with an in-depth consultation with my client to determine exactly what he or she is looking for. Then I take a mold of my clients head along with some measurements. On that mold, I draw on my clients hairline, so I can re-create it on the wig.


2. Then I take the head mold, and build a custom wig block with it. Which is a perfect replica of my clients head. This ensures that the wig will fit like a glove.


3. Then I build a custom foundation for the wig, which is sewn by hand with invisible thread.


4. Then I knot/ventilate the hair into the entire wig by hand. 


5. In the part and the hairline area, I ventilate with one or two hairs at a time to achieve the most realistic look.

6. Here you can see the inside of the finished wig.

Here are two pics of a finished fully handmade custom lace front wig.


Custom Lace Front Wigs

If you don’t need a fully handmade wig, the other option is a ‘custom lace front wig’, where we buy a pre-made wig in a store or online, and add your custom hairline to it. Please check out the video below for an in-depth explanation. 

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